New Boats

Filippi have an elite level of new boats that are moulded with the most qualified materials that market may offer.

They are competitive and have a high resistance carbon fibres, Kevlar, honeycomb, a sandwich with high properties which guarantees higher resistances in comparison with the standard laminations.

These boats are not only for the elite but also for the Adaptive elite athletes also.

CategoryBoatMouldLength (m)Athlete (Kg)NotesImage
Racing1xF157.7750 - 75Boat suitable for all the light weight male rowers and heavy women. The best one to improve your skill because it’s very sensitive and has had very high performances with it. Used by Aus W1x at Olympic Games in London 2012 winning Bronze Medal. V shaped hull
1xF77.9670 - 85Single scull which has got big results. Boat is comfortable and fast, shorter than F1 and because of this one more suitable for 70-85 kg rowers. U shaped hull - mainly used by lightweight men and Heavy Women
1xF228.0075 - 85A suitable mould for rowing technique where smoothness is the strength point.Boat optimized for 85 kg, it covers a range between 75-85 kg. U shaped hull - quite specialised weight range.
1xF18.185 - 90Fisa mould for senior crews, the first one of our big family. Always among the best ones for smoothness. U shaped hull - great on moving, 'wavier' water. Stable boat which fits those who have good skill.
1xF148.3385-100Comfortable boat, it favours rowing skills and those who have the privilege of having physical strenght. It has a flat speed curb because it's more difficult that its bow pitches. V shaped hull
1xF218.33100 - 105Mould for senior rowers with high performance of stability and speed. Similar to F14 but provides more displacement in forward section to accommodate larger athletes on the finish.
1xF398.44100 - 110Boat for very strong rowers, because the finish produces bow- pitches too marked. Boat suitable for a 100 kg rower. U shaped hull, has sole design purpose to reduce pitch of craft in larger athletes. Used by GBR M1x at Olympic Games in London winning a bronze medal.
1xF727.250 - 60Good fit for all Light weight women rowers
1xF447.450-60F44 is the new single scull built for light weight women from 50 to 60 kg.
1xF457.8670-85Single scull has made just for 70-85 kgs. specified for women
2x/-F139.457-75Mithical light weight men double. It won everywhere in light weight and senior women. At London Olympic Games the F13 won the Gold, Silver and Bronze with LM2x of DEN, GBR, NZ; Silver and bronze with the W2- of Aus and NZ crews; Silver medal with W2x of AUS. The first five A finalist LM2x in London have used an F13.
2x/-F171085-100This boat is olympic champion in 2004 with the French team. Recently in London 2012 it has won a Gold, Silver and a Bronze with NZ, ITA and SLO in the Men's Double. We suggest it as a double more than as coxless pair.
2x/-F2410.0185-105Stable, fast and has an excellent mould for scull and sweep. It can favour rowers with a inperfect technique as well. More U shaped than the F17
2x/-F309.675-85Boat for 80 kg, more stable in comparison with F13. Mid weight mould
2x/-F369.060-65Boat for women light weight with high speed. It has been optimized around 60 kg of average weight. Excellent for guys who have a good technique. At the recent Olympic Games in London 2012 the F36 has won a Gold, Silver and Bronze with GBR, CHI and GRE.
2x/-F469.5675-85Double scull made for 75-85 kgs women.
4x/-F1111.7850-75Mould for light weights among the most victorious of our scale. Fantastic 4x mould for Light weights, little 'fine' as a sweep mould. Also quite narrow. Boat fast, reactive when the strokes increase. It can be transported in 40 feet container.
4x/-F1912.8180-100Boat which got a lot of medals. Stable, slender, rolling-proof of longitudinal axis of the boat.
4x/-F2512.7285-100The best boat for scull. Excellent for those who use their technique as strength point.
4x/-F2812.6675-85Quad or coxless four stable with a strong banana-shape line . Fast boat during the accelerations and suitable in case of back- worked finish. Gives a great all round scull / sweep performance - is wider than the F11.
4x/-F3112.170-80Mould derived from F11 but for rowers with higher average weight . More stable in comparison with F11 that means the best boat in case of intense finishes.
4x/-F3411.765-85Four light weight more stable. Excellent for sweep and helpful for strong sculling crews. Efficient boat if supported by a sufficient number of strokes.
4x/-F3812.885-100Coxless four first of all. It joins smoothness to resistance in case of unideal conditions of the venue. Boat comes out of the water easily because the hull is gliding. More U shaped that the F25
4x/-F4012.885-100This mould optimizes F25 hull fitted with wing riggers. Stability guaranteed with wing configuration allows to get excellent results both in scull and in sweep. It won a Silver in London 2012 Olympic Games with CRO.
4x/-F4311.7860-75Gold Medal Olympic boat with SA LM4- in London 2012. Mould for light weights men and women with wing riggers.
F1912.8165-100The stiffness on boats of such length is fundamental. In this sense our research is addressed to innovation of the materials. Our technical department has also developed other hydrodynamic shapes which are able to satisfy the needs of stability imposed by sweep rowing. U shaped 4+, used extensively in Europe as front or rear loader.
F3411.765-85Excellent for sweep and helpful for strong sculling crews. Efficient boat if supported by a sufficient number of strokes.
8+F2917.7285-105Comfortable, efficient , loadings well distributed along the boat. Boat fits windy racing venues as well. Popular in Europe.
8+F4117.6385-105The brand new eight of Filippi family. Studied to get higher maximum speed and keeping higher medium speed. The floating line of the boat is higher and it produces an higher maximum speed , that means also a wet surface smaller than the previous mould F23.
8+F916.5770-85Eight above all for “heavy” light weights, . Time didn’t change one of the best moulds on the market for light weight men and senior women. Winner of medals at Junior World championships.
8+F4216.870-85F42, the new winged in aluminium and carbon riggers 8+ has been designed for light weights and rowers up to 85 kg. Winner of medals at Junior World championships.
CatamaransCatamarans built with glass cloths, in order to follow the rowers during the training, umpires and cameramen during the races. Catamarans are built for marine engines by 40 horses-4 strokes or 25 horses – 2 strokes( minimal features). They produce fewer waves in order not to disturb rowing corse and can guest no more than 4 persons whose 2 seated. Catamarans are fitted with wheel, windscreen in plexiglass, rudder kit, stainless steel handrail, engine housing covering.